Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Been Quiet for Quite A Bit

It's spring time and like every spring I've been particularly busy.  It's not an excuse, but I've been caught up with my friend's pregnancy (she's a month away from her due date), I've got engaged, and I've bought a house....which I'm still trying to move into some way, some how. 

I'm sooooo busy.  I say this every spring, and each year before hand I commit to being more religious and this crazy influx of physical change.  So my practice right now and my religious thoughts are very minimal, and will be until I move and reset my home base.  I guess it's appropriate,  if I were gardening this year, this is the time I'd start looking at transplanting my seedlings from my home to my garden.  It's ironic how closely my life seems to follow natural cycles.  I wonder how much of this is a subconscious doing and how much is energy relationship.  Not that it truly matters, I feel the power of the change and rightness of it regardless.

I'm nervous.  The dog did not take to our last move and I don't know how she'll do this round. 

I'm also excited.  I'll have my own studio area and the mate will have his own office.  We'll have an outside yard all to our own.

This post is really basic, I just want to let people know I'm alive, I intend to keep writing, but I am currently in the middle of a couple of large transitions that will keep me very busy for the moment.

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