Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Why I Use Tarot

Tarot cards are a huge part of my practice and is one of the few aspects of my practice that has been with me since the beginning and only grown rather than changed or diminished. Since the beginning, I have found that I have a talent in reading cards together to make a story that directly applies to myself or to my client. They are a focusing tool.  When I'm in energy, I'm bombarded with a million different thoughts, feelings, paths, images, aspects, and options. Sometimes I know what I find important, what I would need to hear but not what would connect best with my client. Sometimes all the information is just too much period.  Where do I start, what do I tell, how will I bring another person into the experience instead of just conversing with myself, there are all questions working with tarot helps me to solve. Drawing cards creates a path to focus on and helps to direct me to the most needed information.

Use of Tarot:

  1. To read the future. We all have questions that need answering. Is this project a good one? Is Billy the right boy for me? If I do this or that will I like it? There are also the general “show me the future/ what's coming down the pipeline I should be aware of” spreads too. I can draw cards and come to a specific answer for myself and for others. It's something I've found immensely helpful.

  2. To set tone for the day. Doing a one card pull to see what the day has in store more like asking the cards to tell you a little about the present. I like having a daily theme or thought to come back to, the one card draw in the morning helps me to shape that thought or idea.

  3. To give more information about others or situations. I find myself stuck in my own head or fixated on certain things. Why did so and so do this? What does this action mean about me as a person? How is this happening or what does this happening mean about me? These drawings are similar to future drawing because they are meant to reveal information about a situation or person that would otherwise be hidden to our observation, but different in that there are no predictions made.

  4. To speak with the divine. During ritual or ceremony I ask for the divine to share through the cards a message, action, or ethic with me. I draw the cards and hear what my Gods or guides have to tell me in these messages. I have other ways to speak with my higher powers and they do choose the method sometimes, but I do find the tarot the quickest and clearest.

  5. To inspire. Sometimes I pick topics that are so broad and in which I have so much to say, that I don't know how to start. Often times I draw two or three tarot and use their messages or their themes to start off my writing or to start expressing information I'm looking to share. 

  6. To choose which information is most important in an experience. When I am overwhelmed by the amount of information that I can pick out of a conversation, book, or spiritual experience, I will draw between 1-4 cards to see what specifically I should focus on out of all the information. I can come back and re-evaluate those choices later, but having fewer themes to look at in the beginning helps me to start acting instead of being bogged in my head.

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