Friday, November 2, 2012

Energy Working and Various Approaches to Healings

Over at Daughter's of Eve is discussing Vibration, Entrainment, Teaching and Healing.  I highly reccomend you go read to whole article but to summarize Adeye states that living beings occupying the same space will energetically align.  She takes this premise and muses on whether it is best for an energy healer to work at a high frequency or at the frequency of everyone in the room.  She points out good and bad points to both. 

As someone who started in energy work and branched out into the larger world of paganism, I was deeply drawn the Adeye's article, but lost on exactly where I wanted to start responding to her post.

I think part of what throws me with her article is that there appears to be flaws in the questions.  First of all, energy is not static and energy levels are not static.  People have good days and bad days and will act differently in varying situations.  The whole concept that an energy worker will always present with a certain energy level or amount isn't true.  I am personally of a school of belief that it shouldn't be true because energy is a constantly flowing changing substance, it isn't healthy to be static in a person or place.

Even when I assume the question is about how an energy worker goes into a session and therefor has taken a moment to gather his or her energy appropriately, I don't think a healer should choose to always have one specific energy signature, but rather I think the healer needs to alter their energy to the client's needs.  Maybe the client does better with someone who starts at the same frequency and the two raise the energy together.  Maybe the client need subtle energy working and is spooked by really "feeling" the energy too directly.  Maybe the client's energy levels in a certain area are so low or so disconnected the best thing to do is to blast it with high amounts of energy until one finally works out the issue. 

I am very blessed in that I "see" a lot about what a client does or doesn't need within the first five or so minutes or speaking with them, but it's always been best practice to have a frank and honest discussion about what will happen in an energy session and what the client can realistically expect. I find with people who are inexperienced in energy healing, it's often best to ask are you comfortable with x or y or z, I have alternatives if you prefer to hear those options.

Certain energy workers have different preferences on how they would like to heal.  It's good to ask a healer what their general procedure is and why if they don't offer that information.  I prefer to keep my energy potential a bit shadowed until I know a person or know a situation better.  I think there is a smoother healing to start slowly in energy work and to gradually build a healing together.  I personally think it helps empower the client and it lets him or her know that he or she can do this for themselves if he or she chooses.  The process has to be done with empathy and awareness to how the other person is doing.  I can see where some people may feel that starting on one frequency level when one's natural/ practiced frequency is different may not be authentic. 
It's also possible that someone is just coming from a place that a healer can't relate to or know.  Attempting to begin at the client's frequency may be a wasted effort.  I've never had a problem getting down in the dirt of the lower emotions but I've met people whose energy level always seemed to be just a half pitch away from mine.  I think if I were going to attempt energy work on them, it would have to be done through the sheer force of whatever energy I can raise than through a more mutual raising and effort.

A possible risk is that an energy worker may get "stuck" in their client's energy level while attempting to mimic it.  We've probably all felt pulled into another person's emotions before and I think energy workers trying to align their energies are particularly vulnerable to getting trapped in the very energies they were working to clear.  I know that I've been with clients before where their upset has made me begin to fall apart.  Only a few deep breathes and quick meditative work to rebuild some space between them and me helped to keep disaster away.

While I prefer one method over the other, I see value in both approaches.  I think a person needs to choose an energy approach that they feel safe and secure in which they feel will yield the best results.

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