Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome To Southern Pagan Muses!

I want to welcome everyone who found this site to the official opening of the Southern Pagan Muses blog!  Southern Pagan gets is name from the regional area the author Swift Rabbit live in.  She was a born and raised in Massachusetts, but moved to Huntsville Alabama approximately two years ago.  The changes in her religious experience have been profound, so she intends to bring that "southern" influence into her writings at this blog.  The name itself is both meant to describe the kind of writings found in the blog and be a play off of the famous Southern Living magazine.   Within the blog you will hopefully find welcome, an active discussion, and possibly some ideas to add into your own practice. 

The issues discussed in Southern Pagan will range based off of the season, and whims of Swift Rabbit.  The blog is meant mostly to be an editorial with a few shopping tips, ritual ideas, and tarot spreads thrown in the mix.

What We Do:
1. Southern Pagan Muses is committed to created between three to seven weekly posts that are no longer than one to five pages in length.  The goal is to be current and to the point.

2. Currently Southern Pagan has two reoccurring segments: one where Swift Rabbit blogs through the Delphic Maxims and the other where Swift Rabbit is blogging through the online Crystal Wind Rider Book of Shadows.  In her Delphic Maxims segment she is discussing what she does or does not find morally relevant to herself from the original list of maxims.  In the Crystal Wind Rider BOS segment she is commenting on the original work, adding to it in some areas, or taking a theme from the orginal work and expounding on it.

3. Other topics that will pop up often include magic, seasons, local gods, reiki, energy work, and other online posts.

A Little About Swift Rabbit:

In Swift Rabbit's religious life she is a Hard Polytheistic Monist Eclectic Neo-Pagan with strong outer court Wicca, Reiki, and traditional Italian lore influence.  She has been practicing for a decade, and writing for about as long.  Her religious experiences are primarily personal in nature and have been with guides and local gods.

In the rest of Swift Rabbit's life she is an avid writer, a home maker, an explorer, and works as a general manager in the food service industry.  

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